Thanksgiving 2017

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Who else traveled home for Thanksgiving? Well, I decided to head home to Philly from Los Angeles early Thanksgiving Morning. My trip home was almost interrupted by a delayed flight. Thankfully the night before my flight I just couldn't sleep, so around 3am I decided to do an early check in for my flight departing around 8am. And just as I'm going to American Airlines site I see an email with a trip update letting me know my flight was delayed for 4 hours! So instead of getting into Philly at 4pm I wouldn't be arriving until around 8pm. Typically this would be fine since my family always eats dinner late anyway. But I wanted to get home sooner, so I logged into the AA website to see if there were any earlier flights leaving. There was one leaving at 6:05am and I got the last seat on the flight. The representative I spoke with was so helpful she switched my flight (free of charge) Because of the wonderful help I received I'm now seriously considering an American Airlines credit card. But anyway, I made it homeasy around 3pm just in time to get in the kitchen to help my grandmother with the rest of the cooking and prepping before our huge family arrived. I wanted to capture more of the night but I was too busy living in the moment and just enjoying my family. I managed to capture a few moments from the night so I wanted to share it with you guys! Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as I did. Xo 

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