New Single "Alice" Makes History!

Alice is here! Along with the BIG News...On February 22, 2017 I made history, becoming the First Female Independent Artist to shoot a Music Video (One Take) at The World's Largest Independent Record Store, Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA. Please make sure you check out the Video, Subscribe to my Youtube Channel, Like and Comment the Video. And if you like what you see, feel free share it! I would like to take this time to personally Thank the following people for making this Single and Music Visual Possible. I am so thankful and words can never measure up to my gratitude!

Thank You to Lorene Janae (Brittney Janae & Erica Lorene) for being my Dream Team, for bringing life to my music with your visual direction. Erica for making sure my make-up is always flawless. Thank you both for believing in me, growing with me and just matching my vibe! This is only the beginning. Thank you, NC Abram for being my muse, always encouraging me and pushing me to be the best I can be creatively, musically and humanly. You killed your verse and you are the Punchline Prince! Excited for the world to recognize your dopeness. You make me better. Thank you Antt Dzee for a flame track, your production created the animation that made our lyrics pop! Thank you Dacia (Snickering Doodle) my graphic designer, who's only 14 years old and is by far one of thee most talented individuals I've had the pleasure of working with. I'm so excited to watch you grow, you're amazing! Alice Cover Art is to date one of my most creative Art Covers, Ever! Thank you to my Daddy (Curtis Dowd) for Mixing Alice and doing it last minute down to the wire, you're always there for me and I appreciate you. You are my inspiration! Many don't know my dad was signed to Columbia Records in the 80's with his group Mission. I get my love for music from you Dad and I hope I make you proud! And lastly but definitely not least A HUGE Thank you to Amoeba Records "Alice" became the magical song we envisioned by shooting it in your space, your location provided the artistic canvas/ ambiance we needed to bring our lyrics to life. Thank you for allowing us to make (her)story at Amoeba! Now everyone go check out the video. Subscribe! Share it! Like It! Comment! ALICE IS HERE! Let's go.


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