#PayHomage drops 4.19.18

It's been a while since the release of my last music project. I know! But sometimes you have to take a step back, soak up life, go through life, learn from life, from mistakes, from strengths and from weaknesses. A lot has happened, both good and bad. It took me a while to even get back in a space to create a full project. (I've been dropping singles here and there) but I didn't have the desire to create a full project. I gained a lot and also lost a lot during this process of evolving. You have this idea in your head about they way life is supposed to go and sometimes it goes the exact opposite. I had to learn that's okay... Detours can be fun if you find the beauty in them. I've found that beauty, again, in myself, in lyrics, in creating and in releasing all these thoughts that have been sitting idle, yet yearning to be released. I'm an extremely private person in my day to day life. Music has always been the escape I needed to be free, say how I feel and often times share things that leave me completely exposed and vulnerable. Coming up in April I'd like to pay homage to an artist that has inspired my entire music career. Following this release I will be announcing the release date for my very first mixtape! I started my career with the release of an album(prematurely) I don't think I was quite ready... And that's ok, I'm doing it different this time. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens....just excited to be back in this creative space. To anyone who has ever believed in me,invested in me, encouraged me or had any involvement in getting me to where I am today, Thank You! #PAYHOMAGE dropping April 19,2018

(Hint: Same day one of the greatest albums of all time was released in 1994)

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