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If you love hip hop you can appreciate the mannerisms and visual conceptualization in this remake by Pozzie Mazerati for the classic Nas song "It Ain't Hard To Tell" Pozzie embodies Nas' movements and even followed similar video cuts and effects to capture the 90's iconic feel. The scenes shot in Queensbridge (North Houses) section was truly a memorable moment, people from the neighborhood and individuals passing by stopped to show love and even be apart of the video.

In order to really visually see the similarities and style here's side by side view of the original classic and the remake performed by Pozzie Mazerati, after watching the videos side by side It Ain't Hard to Tell...Pozzie is a true Nas fan and this tribute is her way of paying homage to QB's finest. Hope you like it, and if you do feel free to share it!


Some behind the scenes footage & photos from the shoot coming up in the next Blog!

(Video shot by Brittney Jane & MUA: Erica Lorene both of Lorene Janae

Hair by: Nina Jones)

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