Kaotica Eyeball Features Pozzie Mazerati

If you aren't familiar with Kaotica Eyeball, you should be! As a Recording Artist Kaotica Eyeball is a must have. I travel often and it's almost impossible to travel with a complete studio on the go. The Eyeball fits right over your microphone and gives you the recording sound/quality you would get in the studio. You can literally record anywhere, in your car, the living room, on a plane, outside, on a hill top! Yup, you can get quality recording outdoors! Here's some behind the scenes footage and a few photos from my recent shoot with Kaotica Eyeball, in the Hollywood Hills. Huge Thank You to Kaotica Eyeball, Smash Coast Music, Meshach Media, Fingaz, Lorene Janae and everyone who was involved with making this such a special shoot. Stay Tuned for the Full Video Release brought to you by Kaotica Eyeball.

Music Artist: Pozzie Mazerati / Music Production by: Sparksism

Production Crew: @directedbyife/ @Ocshotit / @Sonnybonoho

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