30 Day Challenge - Mind Reset

Hello my Beautiful Pozzietive People!

If you are reading this I hope that means you have decided to join me for the next 30 days on a quest for the ultimate MIND RESET! I know when most of us hear the word "challenge" we cringe with the thought "Oh no, something that will be hard or difficult" Well, I am here to soothe your mind! I want this challenge to be enjoyable for each and every one of you. Let's go into this with a mind state that we will be better coming out then going in. So let's get started! Everything begins in the mind, that's right EVERY THING. We literally shape our world according to our thoughts. So why is it we spend so much time focusing on the things we DON'T WANT instead of the things that we DO WANT?! It's all in programming, our mind goes to what it has gotten use to over the years. If we never work on reprogramming our thoughts we create patterns that become our characteristics and in turn they shape our reality. So what do we need to do to change it? THINK GOOD THOUGHTS! I know it sounds easy but you will find that over the next 30 days just how many times you may think negatively. What we will be doing in this challenge is shaping our thoughts and changing them to desires we want. Simple as that!

So here is what you need to do on a daily basis to get the best results and rewards from your 30 day discipline! I am going to break everything down in 5 simple steps below,

Step 1:

Wake up early enough to start your day with meditation. You can meditate as long as you would like but for those with hectic schedules a simple 3-5 minutes to begin will be great! Meditate in silence or with soothing music. Focus on your breath, clear your mind and just breathe. Set a timer if needed.

Step 2:

Repeat your favorite affirmations aloud. If you don't have any of your own yet here are some you can get started with:

- I am ready for an amazing day.

- I am open to unexpected blessings coming to me in unexpected ways.

- I am worthy of unconditional love and happiness.

- I attract all that I need to bring forth my success.

The key to reciting these affirmations is to really believe them as you say them. Even if you don't at first repetition is something that tricks the mind, after a while you will start to believe. Don't worry if it feels strange at first. Keep going!

Step 3:

Throughout the day fill your mind with visions and thoughts of the things you want! Each day focus on something new. (For example: If you want to vacation in London, think about London all day, even look for images online of certain places you would want to see while there.) The mind is powerful but feeling is just as important. When you think of the things you want, FEEL as though you have them already. Focus on feeling good while thinking good.

Step 4:

Be Pozzietive! No matter what, stay positive and think positive. Trust me negative thoughts will try to creep in. And when you notice they are there, don't beat yourself up. Just switch your mind to focusing on your WANTS, leaving your Don't Wants no choice but to fall to the back and eventually quiet themselves. Direct your thoughts and mind as you want. Don't allow your thoughts to direct you!

Step 5:

End your day with gratitude and meditation. Keep a journal. Writing in a journal will help you to see what your strengths and weaknesses are. And also help you to keep track of your feelings and thoughts. Watch what you think and feel for the next 30 days!


Looking forward to hearing your Pozzietive feedback, updates and results!

You can share your videos or photos with me via Instagram @PozzieMazerati

I would love to hear your progress and how you are doing with the challenge.

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Author: Lynn Grabhorn

Thank me later!!

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