Forgiveness From West Africa

I'm finally back in Dakar, Senegal! And I recently spent some time relaxing in Séndou, Senegal with Family. While there I had the opportunity to eat, laugh, swim and become one with nature. It was absolutely beautiful. As I walked along the beach feelings of gratitude rushed over me. There's just something about being home in the Motherland connecting with the earth. Moments like these make me realize the present moment is all that really matters. Being present is so important!

My present life is a result of my past life and many life's lessons. One thing I have had to master in order to continue growing is Forgiveness. A tattoo I got on the center of my back years ago.

I never knew that getting this tattoo would become the staple for how I live my life, treat others and love others. Whenever I wear backless tops or swim the question always arises : What's the tattoo on your back mean? Sometimes followed by... "What made you get that?"

I always have to think back on what inspired this Tattoo. I remember it like it was yesterday.... I had my heart broken. I was in a long distance relationship and was so hurt by how everything ended that I needed something to erase the feeling I felt of despair. I asked a friend of mine to write out "Forgiveness" in Amharic. I knew that I needed to let go of the pain I felt and replace it with forgiveness in that person and even within myself. The law of forgiveness has opened me up to receive the very best the Universe has to offer. Flash forward to today I'm here in the Motherland walking in love and forgiveness. So many disappointments come and go but the most important thing to remember during times of trial is the art of forgiveness. Holding on to anger, wrath and anything contrary to love can only create more hate. I choose to continue washing away pain, hurt and disappointment with Forgiveness. You should too. #BEPozzietive

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