Pozzie in Portugal!

So much to update you guys on....So much has happened in literally just a matter of days! I'm currently doing my first Independent Tour "Chips & Soda" Tour, brought to you by Rhythm & Remedy; Where Hip Hop Helps! We started in West Africa (Dakar,Senegal) and just landed in Portugal! This tour started as just an idea that materialized into something really amazing! I'm so excited to see where it takes not only myself but the different creatives this tour will provide a platform for! For more details on "Chips & Soda Tour" head over to www.rhythmandremedy.org

Pozzie in Portugal begins here! Check out images and more about my stay in Portugal below. I stayed at The Lisbon Poets Hostel and loved the cozy quaint feel it gave. Let me also add I'm an official backpacker and I LOVE IT!

When you enter the hostel the interior and staircase is so lovely. POETS is spelled out along the entry of the staircase. I loved the aesthetics and interior design. I would definitely stay here again.

There are plenty of stairs which I love, because anytime I can get a workout in I'm down! So that was a bonus for me. I'm not sure if they had an elevator since I didn't look for one. So just an FYI....If stairs aren't your thing this hostel may not be for you. But as I mentioned a little exercise does the body good!

The room was very small and cozy which I actually loved! The shower experience was actually quite interesting as it was on a timer and it would cut off during showering. So you had to push the button every few seconds to keep the water running. (See the video) I think this is used as a way to conserve water which I totally understand. I got use to it after a while. Haha!

One of my favorite things about this hostel was the attention to detail. I fell in love with these embroidered pillows.

They also included FREE Breakfast which is always a win! Traveling expenses can add up so whenever you can save a few dollars or in this case (euros) do so.

I actually really enjoyed the food, they had fresh fruit, cereal, toast, coffee, cheese, meat slices (which I passed on since I'm a vegetarian) tea and a huge marble cake.

Great selection and plenty of it! I ate on the terrace and enjoyed the view. It was yummy.

They also had a lovely rooftop view and little nook for reading. I would definitely return to Lisbon Poets Hostel the next time I'm in Portugal!

Until Next time....Off to another Backpack adventure. Stay tuned!

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