5x Award Winning Film"Night Shifters"

New Film "Night Shifters" starring Ro "Pozzie" Lott has already received FIVE festival awards pending the official release date this 2021. In addition to acting credits, Pozzie was also the Executive Producer and co-writer of the screenplay. Award Winning Director, Sonny P. Louis says "I knew the film was going to be good, but I had no idea it was going to be this good." After five award wins it's safe to say "Night Shifters" is on the radar and continues to receive more attention.

FIVE AWARD Wins for "Night Shifters"so far, include:

"Best Cinematography" for Instanbul Film Festival

"Best Horror Short" for Instanbul Film Awards

"Best Editing" for The Halicarnassus Film Awards

"Best Trailer" and "Best Horror" for The Kosice International Monthly Film Festival

Watch the Official Trailer Here:

Additional actors include, Lawndon "Nc.Abram" Grant, Joe Finfera and Henry Roe.



Directed by: Sonny P Louis

DP: Jordan Schultz

"Officer Mackenzie" Ro "Pozzie" Lott

"Officer Collin" Lawndon "Nc.Abram" Grant

"Captain Curtis" Joe Finfera

"Prisoner" Henry Roe

Gaffer: Donny

Sound: Steve

MUA: Erica Lorene

Special EFX MUA: Roshonda Stewart

Production Assistant: Anisha Bowman

BTS: Brittney Janae

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