Black Lives Matter LA Protest

Updated: Jan 27

Saturday, May 30,2020 - Black Lives Matter, Los Angeles.

This was personally such a monumental day. I participated in a peaceful protest with #BLMLA as we marched from Pan Pacific Park down W. 3rd Street and further into the Beverly Hills area.

The overall the protest was very high energy, filled with passionate people from all walks of life, age and race. We were all there for the same purpose, Justice! Shortly after our peaceful march was ending the cops abruptly showed up and tear gassed the people and also used unnecessary force on those simply exercising their first amendment rights! But the media won’t show you this. They won’t cover the peaceful assemblies or glorify that.

Black Lives Matter Protest LA 2020
Photo by: Brittney Janae

The media has only publicized the looting and rioting. Did you know there was a random guy paying black people money to loot? Yes, you heard me correctly. Here’s footage:

There was also a car filled with white individuals driving around handing out bricks for black people to bust store windows. Knowing this would lead to possible death or arrests for them. In this footage you will see a women giving the bricks back to the people in the car and asking them why? Just why? But we all know why! They know what they are doing. Here’s footage:

Did you know that police were dropping off bricks? Yes, Don’t fall for the bait! Here’s footage:

What pains me is the fact that the good deeds are being drowned out by the bad. But what I find even more disheartening is the fact that people are more concerned and upset over looters then they are about the murders of people in the black community! Let that sink in! I have seen more posts on people talking about the looters than I have about them talking about the unjust killings. Let’s all take a step back and realize that none of this would be going on in the first place if it weren’t for people feeling unheard for so long. Actions cause reactions! Period. Let’s not lose sight of the real problem at hand. Material items can be replaced, BLACK LIVES lost to senseless murder however, can not.

Poverty insights violence and theft. People who feel like they don’t have anything and may never get anything are more prone to such acts. These people are using the protests to commit crimes without considering not just the physical damage they are doing to these communities but also to the very message we march for.

I am by no means condoning vandalism but I also don’t condone the cold blooded murder of my brothers and sisters! We are all now left dealing with the unfortunate fact that many of these peaceful protests over the past five days have been overshadowed with rioting and looting, hitting areas around Fairfax, Beverly Hills, Long Beach and Santa Monica, ending with over 500 arrests on Friday, 400 on Saturday and 300 on Sunday. I understand the hurt and anger people must be feeling, but we have to use wisdom. Don’t allow your emotions to take control of your actions. That‘s when you make irrational decisions. If someone is encouraging you to loot, riot and vandalize think twice because chances are its a set up! Don‘t fall for the bait! There are many perpetrators from law enforcement (dressed in plain clothes) to regular civilians blending in at these protests with the intent to reek havoc. Everything is not as it seems! Watch your surroundings when attending and realize that everyone unfortunately is not there for the same reasons.

There is so much left to be done and we can only get there strategically. Chaos is not the way! Beware that these things are happening with a much larger plan in mind. Please don’t fall for the bait people. Don’t Loot! This is what they want. They are using this to declare Martial Law. Be safe, Be smart!

The Marathon Continues!!!!! #bepozzietive

Photos by: Pozzie Mazerati

"What I think is different today is the lack of political connection between the black middle class and the increasing numbers of black people who are more impoverished than ever before." - Angela Davis

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