Chips & Soda Tour (Los Angeles)

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Chips & Soda Tour makes its way to Los Angeles. The Official Launch took place in North Hollywood, House Party Style. "Chips and Soda" Snacks serve as a branding/marketing tool for music artists: Pozzie Mazerati and NC.Abram for their first collaborative album entitled: Chips and Soda. The dynamic duo started off 2019 traveling to Three Continents (Asia, Africa & Europe) where they recorded the entire project in different countries and also had several pop up launches for their Chips in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi,Suzhou, Paris, London, Portugal,Belgium and Dakar, Senegal(West Africa).

The first single "Yeah Yeah" which was recorded in Brussels,Belgium (Produced by: Sparksism and Say-J) is scheduled to release August 2019.

Watch The Recap Video Here:

See you guys at the next House Party! We will bring the snacks! The Chips & Soda Tour continues. Check out more photos below:

Big Thank You to @ChefboyLT for catering the event. His Tacos didn't last long!

Tacos by @ChefBoyLT

We are so Thankful to all of our Friends and Family that come out to celebrate with us in Los Angeles!

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See Ya'll at the Next House Party!

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