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VoyageATL Interview: Life & Work with Pozzie Mazerati

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Check out the Full Interview on VoyageATL

Thank you again to VoyageATL for the interview.

I have been in Atlanta since February, working on new music, several film productions and new programs for my organization Rhythm and Remedy. My decision to extend my talents and services to the greater Atlanta area has definitely proved beneficial. Being bi-coastal has its advantages. I'm very excited for all the upcoming projects I'm working on and everything that's in store musically. Check out my full interview on VOYAGEAtl to find out what I've been up to

Pozzie Mazerati, Music Artist, Music Producer, Influencer
Pozzie Mazerati (Recording Artist/Music Producer)

What's Next?

New Single - Hot Chips

Arrrgh! Yes it's true and if you're reading this, you're the first to know! I'm releasing a new single, next month, called "Hot Chips." Pre-Save "Hot Chips" Now!

Thanks for Stopping by!

Remember, "In a world full of negative, if you can be anything, BePozzietive."

Love you, mean it. - P

Also, Let me know what you thought of my interview with VoyageATL. Leave a comment below. And if you aren't yet...Follow me on Instagram (say hi, drop a comment) I like that sort of thing. xo!

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